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5 Tips to Scoring Your Dream Job

1. Create a Killer Resume

A cover letter and resume are the first pieces of information that an employer will see from you.

It separates you from the crowd of applicants, which is extremely important when it comes to nailing a call back for an interview.

Resume experts at Forbes stated in an article that,

résumés should be a marketing document that entices a reader to want to meet the candidate. It should tell a compelling story that invites further inquiry.

If writing a resume is difficult or too time consuming, you should consider hiring an experienced Resume Writer or Consultant.

Requirements for an acceptable resume always changes with time and yours might be a little outdated. Though hiring someone may be a bit of an expense, it’s an investment that could definitely benefit you in the longer run.

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2. Study Your Target

So you’re determined to get this dream job?

Then you have to make sure you know something factual about it.

It’s so important to study the history of the job you are applying for. Visit their website and do your homework!

You should know the basics. Things like the CEO’s and Co-Founders of the company, the background and how the company started, all the products or services the company offers. The pieces will all add up, creating a stronger sense of confidence and passion in your interview.

3. Prepare for the Phone Interview

Steps 1 and 2 will come in very handy for your phone interview. Sometimes a phone interview may not be pre-scheduled, so always make sure you have your phone close by if you have recently applied for your dream job.

Other things you should have accessible are a copy of your resume, point’s to remember about the company, and any questions you may have for the interviewer.

Quick access to these few things will allow a smoother flow of conversation, and shine light on your competency level and ability to communicate well.

Remember to always be respectful, and have a kind and assertive tone. It always helps to smile throughout the entire phone call. Believe it or not, positivity will always seep through a smile when conversing over the phone.

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4. Wear the Right Outfit for the Job

The boring white top and black bottom is a safe way to go but definitely won’t do much for you when it comes to being remembered.

Try incorporating something unforgettable, like a nice tie, or sophisticated earrings. Really take the time to observe the type of culture for the job you are aiming for.

Make sure whatever you choose remains consistent to that.

You probably wouldn’t wear a corset and skinny jeans to a law clerk interview, and I’m sure you’d never wear a Ted Baker tweed blazer to a bartender recruitment.

You want to wear something that fits in, but is still professional for the interview. It’s important to remember that you are judged within the first 15 seconds of meeting someone so choose wisely, and don’t forget to smile.

5. Rehearse for the Interview

Before you interview, remember to rehearse!

Before you step into your interview, remember to breath. Don’t over do it or try to be someone your not. Just be the best YOU, possible.

Don’t forget that they selected you to be interviewed because they’re interested. Now before your big début, there are some things you should have ready. Always carry an extra copy of your resume and cover letter with you.

A pen is always ideal to have with you as well, in case there are any tests or documents that need to be signed. Remember to keep appropriate eye contact with your interviewer, keep a positive tone and give a solid handshake in the beginning and end.

There you have it, your Top 5 Steps to Scoring Your Dream Job! Remember to always stay positive and never let a couple rejections stop you. Keep aiming for whatever you want! Go get Em’!

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