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Chasing Wildflowers: Your Spring Break Travel Guide

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Look up! There’s an abundance of natural American beauty all around you.

It’s hard to resist the opportunities for relaxation, reflection, and of course, romance amid the all-natural United States landscape.

As President Donald Trump continues to change the narrative about climate change and the purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency, the editors of Kimberly Elise Natural Living are eager to share guidance, tips, and tricks on how to find peace on this beautiful planet.

Below are some spring and summer vacation travel ideas that will leave you speechless. In the words of Teddy Roosevelt…

“There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy and its charm.”

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 By: Ajableu Oldham 

travelSip Prosecco Among Wildflowers

There’s nothing more romantic and peaceful (and Insta-worthy) than a picnic among wildflowers. And you could include these 6 yummy fruits in your spring picnic!

This spring feels particularly beautiful in Southern California, likely because the drought has finally begun to subside. I’ve personally been inspired to drive around the Golden State for my own adventures during spring break.

The National Park’s website has a number of recommendations on where to travel to find brilliant blooms at parks near you (find the article here).



Purify Yourself In The Waters of Lake Minnetonka

Okay, so maybe a skinny-dipping adventure with 1980’s Prince is restricted to your imagination. No worries. You can still purify your body, mind, and soul in America’s cleanest waters.

Our number one pick from the list? Torch Lake in Michigan.

Torch Lake has unparalleled beauty that is often attributed to its unique turquoise color. [It’s] originally called the Lake of the Torches by the Ojibwa Tribe, after the torches they lit to attract fish at night.

sunburns April banner

travelHave Tea In A Tree House

Actress Kimberly Elise recently spent her 50th birthday in a tree house in Northern California and had an amazing time!

Love the idea? Here are other tree houses that you can travel to in the United States on Airbnb.

Shack Up In A Pig Pen

For those of you who are vegan or vegetarian (or simply love animals), consider a farm stay.

A farm stay is any type of accommodation on a working farm. Some farm stays may be interactive. Some are family-focused, offering children opportunities to feed animals, collect eggs, and learn how a farm functions.

You might even find yourself in a room right in the farm house! Rustic with composting toilets or hotel-quality with jacuzzi baths, farm stays come in many shapes and sizes.

Check out this list of farm stays across the United States.

What are your spring and summer plans? Tell us in the comments below.


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