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Here’s What We Learned From Stephanie of Vegan, What?

Starting a plant-based diet can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Begin your vegan journey right with these few simple tricks and tips from Stephanie Williams of Vegan, What?

By Jason Suerte Felipe

Stephanie is an actress and vegan social media influencer living in California. She started her vegan journey in April of 2011 and continues to run her healthy vegan lifestyle blog, Vegan, What?.

My mission is to simplify veganism for the everyday person so they can live a longer and healthier life.

Stephanie has pursued her mission of spreading advocacy for plant-based eating through social media platforms, ebooks, apparel, and by creating a meal plan service to help assist others on their vegan journey.

Stephanie grew up as an avid meat eater. But after losing her father-in-law to prostate cancer, she knew there was a correlation to what we feed our bodies.

I just started doing research. Once you start reading more, and once you know the toxins that are in meat and dairy, it’s just really hard to go back. I knew that i could no longer eat the way I was eating and be able to live a healthy lifestyle that I always wanted.

We asked Stephanie for tips for those transitioning into a plant-based diet. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Have a few Go-To Dishes

When starting a plant-based diet, you may tend to feel hungry. You may feel stuck and have the urge to splurge. But having a few go-to dishes can limit your hunger and prevent you from eating foods that you’ve been working so hard to avoid.

Check out Stephanie’s Veggie Wellington recipe.

Stephanie says you can have a great go-to meal by using ingredients found in your cabinets or local store. She likes to have a bag of brown rice and beans to create her favorite go-to dish: burrito bowls. Beans and brown rice are a great source of protein. Stephanie likes to add veggies such as spinach, salsa, and corn. And sometimes adds good healthy-fats to her bowl, such as avocados.

Starting a plant-based diet does not mean you have to eat bland, unsavory foods. You can still enjoy your meals while still using delicious and healthy ingredients.

Start a Meal-Plan

In any lifestyle, the biggest thing is to plan ahead. When you are transitioning to a plant-based diet, it’s important to stay organized and keep track of what your are consuming. Life can keep us plenty busy, but starting a meal plan can save you time and money.

Stephanie has created a meal plan subscription service called the Dope Meal Planner, for those who do not know how to approach veganism or a plant-based diet and need some help on where to start. The subscription offers low-fat recipes every week, along with a customizable grocery list mobile-friendly service, and meal prep videos.

A meal plan can help make sure you aren’t missing out on essential nutrients. These meals are easy to prepare, all while having a balance of healthy, fresh, and tasty ingredients.

Check out these essential groceries to kickstart your vegan journey.

Make sure you’re getting your nutrients, aside from your new plant-based diet

One main supplement that Stephanie takes every day is a B12 vitamin.

B12 helps with your nervous system, which can lead to a lowering of depression and stress. It can also protect against cancers including breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer. A lot of vegans and non-vegans do not get enough B12. The meat we eat contains only a small fraction of B12 that we should be getting.

Taking nutrients like B12 is not only vital for our nervous system, but it is also essential for a healthy head of hair, skin, and nails. Give yourself that natural boost of energy, without the crash.

When you are working with any type of diet, think about working with a dietitian or nutritionist to make sure you are going the right direction on your vegan-life journey.

Starting a plant-based diet can be intimidating, but knowing where and how to start can make it easier. Have any tips or advice on starting a vegan journey? Share with us in the comments!

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    January 9, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Hello, My name is Porche’ an I am wanting to go Vegan😩 …Omg lol I want to share something a little personal that made me want to go.
    For About 1 year it’s been hard for my bowels to pass. I’ve been having digestion problems. While Dairy is my favorite as well as meat (Like chicken I can eat everyday lol) it also makes my stomach hurts bad an upsets me. It doesn’t digest right! After doing research cutting things out such as Dairy an Meat will help me with these problems.
    The thing is I Need Helllllp!!!!! Lol I look up things an try them. I started just Monday (Today is Tuesday) to get lactose free things an I’m trying veggie burgers. I have chicken omg but won’t eat it everyday. I need more ideas so I can officially give it all up! I’m also not the best cook which is terrible seeings that I am almost 30 of age an only cooks to my liking an exactly what I like to eat lol I don’t eat pork or red meat so it’s not much that will be hard for me to cut out. It’s really my Favorite sea food an chicken lol
    So I hope to hear from u soon with suggestions an ideas , Thank You😃

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