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Short Hairstyle Videos, Tips & Inspiration | Natural Black Hair Care

Don’t let shorter hair deter you from experimenting with natural black hair care and new natural hairstyles. Length has nothing to do with the styling ability of your hair.

One of the great things about going natural is getting to be creative at every hair length. Whether you’re a few months post big chop or prefer a shorter hairdo, there are a variety of cute styles for you. Here are a few easy hairstyles by YouTuber Ambi Ell who has a lot of experience maintaining shorter natural hair.

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Natural Black Hair Care Tip:

A go-to hairstyle for many naturalistas is a high poof. High poofs are perfect for every stage of your natural journey. High Poofs create the illusion of a voluptuous bun or ponytail.

Poof styles are simple and only require a tight elastic headband or stocking to secure your hair on top of your head. Use a moisturizing agent and edge control to slick your hair back then slowly ease your hair into the perfect poof using an elastic that will fit tightly around the poof.

Below Ambi Ell goes into depth about how to achieve a sleek and stretched puff.


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