summer love lasting impressions
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Summer Love: The First Impression is a Lasting Impression

summer love lasting impressions

By: Lanae Dillard

When you love someone one of the hardest things to figure out is why? Why do we say those three words I-Love-You? Why do we love so deeply and so quickly without fair warning?

Everyone has their greatest love story locked in her heart or in the palm of her hands. Here is mine.

My brush of fate with love came unexpectedly. It was unlike any other workday for me. Manning the front desk, assisting members, overly busy. I toiled at my computer unaware of someone standing right in front of me, gazing into my eyes. He simply said, “You are so beautiful.”

Slightly looking up, I replied “Thank you,” and nothing more.

A week later, a florist walks in with a bouquet of a dozen pink roses. Not red, not white, vibrantly and especially pink. A symbol of friendship, beauty, and grace.

The florist stated that the package was for the light-skinned girl at the front with the blond hair. As I looked around at the brunettes surrounding me at the front desk, I realized that they were for me. The card attached to the package read, “Have a beautiful day, beautiful.”

I looked down and in that moment my heart melted to the ground. I didn’t have the slightest clue who could have sent them. After asking around the office, one of my coworkers suggested a name. Matching it in our system at work, his picture popped up. Immediately, I knew who he was – the same sir at my desk just a week prior. I was impressed.

After another ten days of marinating in this kind gesture, he came into the office. I stopped him.

I asked if the package came from him and thanked him.

“Are you ever going to say anything?” I asked, expecting something, anything but a brief encounter at my desk.

He smiled politely and said, “no.”

His goal aside from grabbing my attention was to simply make my day. And he did just that. No other words were needed at the time. Fast-forward, we began dating in the summer and have been inseparable ever since.

For the first time in a long time, I took my time to genuinely accept someone into my life. I held on to his first impression, which set the bar for how serious he was about being with me. I learned that love could come packaged in a bouquet of pink roses. This is the love story that I hold in the palm of my hands. It was the beginning of the end of doubt and when it found me, I politely said, “yes.”

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About the Author:

Lanae Dillard is a nationally published columnist for entertainment, contributing ideas of news & opinion and love & relationships. She has created a platform for women which includes testimonials, positive vibes and inspiration through her blog, Everyday Girl. She can be found editing, blogging and reaching the hearts of women around the world.

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