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#SummerLove: 5 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Baecation


Vacations allow us to tap into our inner child, take an adventure, and most importantly relax. Ideally, vacations with family and friends prove to make great memories, however, there is one kind of vacation that may top them all.

A vacation with your bae, other known as a baecation should be on your summer to-do list if it isn’t already.This type of romantic getaway allows for quality time alone, strengthening the relationship, and of course beautiful photos.

Here are five ways to make the most out of your baecation.

By: Ayana Iman 

Limit Distractions

Ditch your smartphone and get off the grid. Unless, there’s a serious need, you’re with one of the most important people in your life already. And if you didn’t already know, bae is the acronym for “before anyone else,” so it’s only appropriate to focus all of your attention on your lovie during your baecation. If you have any work that needs to be done — do it before you set off to your destination. A baecation is time to be in the moment.

breakfast in bed vacation

Plan A Weekend Getaway

Pick a place – pack your bags – and go. There are plenty of flight hack deals, buses to nearby cities, and roads waiting to be conquered. Stay at a bed and breakfast, have a night out on the town, then enjoy the sights. The spontaneity of this trip will keep things fresh between the two of you.

Pack a Romance Bag

The romantic side of any relationship requires vulnerability and a conscious effort to satisfy your partner. Pack some massage oils, candles, and create a playlist of bedroom jams.


Photo: Zachary Staines

Be Adventurous

Do something that allows you both to participate in a fun activity. Activities like hiking, zip lining, or trying exotic dishes, are always a hit. This is a perfect opportunity to conquer fears as one.

baecation tips getaway

Take Lots of Photos

Photos serve as markers in your relationship. No matter how they’re taken, capture shots that reflect the beauty of the moment, including the fun stuff. Feel free to keep some moments private, or share and hashtag away, #baecation.

With any vacation, find gratitude in the intimate time spent together and your abundance of love. The experiences created together are priceless. When you’re back to reality,  find comfort in knowing that little piece of heaven isn’t far away. Close your eyes and imagine the both of you together in your special place, then smile.

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Ayana Iman is a servant leader, brand strategist, blogger, and motivational speaker from New Jersey. Ayana received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Journalism at Kean University and her Masters in Strategic Organizational Communication at Rutgers University. Download Ayana’s eBook,  “A Guide to Gratitude” on her web site.

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