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4 Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthy With Sun Basket

sun basket eat healthy

Eating healthy is a lot easier than you think. Imagine not having to frequent the grocery store, figure out what goes well with your diet, or count calories and carbs. With Sun Basket, the organic meal delivery service, choosing the right ingredients and cooking healthy is as easy as it gets.

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Start with a diet that you can handle.

Too many people who want to lose or maintain their weight begin with outlandish goals that make it hard to commit. You know, trying to lose 20 pounds in 20 days, going vegan cold-turkey (I did it, but it can be hard), or aiming to work out one hour a day for 30 days when you never even set foot in a gym! The best way to start eating healthy is by choosing a diet that you can stick to, whether it’s a Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, or a low-carb diet.

Sun Basket makes dieting very easy because it offers a variety of healthy meals that are approved by a nutritionist, with recipes created by a chef focused on balanced, delicious meals. Each recipe tells you everything you need to know about the nutrition it provides, including the number of carbs, calories, fat, and protein you get per serving.

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Opt for organic.

When you eat local, organic food from farms you can trust, not only will you consume healthier food, but you’ll have peace of mind. Making sure that your food is antibiotic, GMO, and chemical-free will enhance your healthy diet.

Sun Basket uses organic and non-GMO produce from our country’s best farms in all of its recipes. With the service, you can choose from 12 recipes each week for 2 or 4 people that will be delivered straight to your door in 100% recycled packaging. You can choose from several different breakfast options from Sun Basket as well.

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Throw out the word “diet” & adapt to a lifestyle.

The first tip was to start eating healthier by choosing a manageable diet, but if you really want to eat healthy long term, you should stop dieting and start adapting a healthy lifestyle. Whenever you make a lifestyle change, anything that helps you redirect your eating habits and stay focused on your goals is beneficial. Having Sun Basket deliver easy-to-make recipes makes a healthy lifestyle so much more attainable.

Cut out the guesswork.

I remember when one of my best friends decided to go on a high-protein diet and Googled her way through her meal plans. She’d make super rich peanut butter smoothies and egg whites each morning and drank protein shakes throughout the day, thinking she’d become more healthy by consuming a lot of protein. A week later, she had such severe stomach cramps, she didn’t know what to do! What she didn’t know was that the sudden change in her diet without proper hydration was actually more damaging to her body than helpful.

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Don’t make her error. When you want to be healthy, trust recipes that have been tried and approved by a nutritionist.

Each Sun Basket meal comes with fresh ingredients in exact proportions for cooking a healthy meal with ease.

You get a recipe card (to make the meal and for your keepsake) and each ingredient is finely packaged and labeled for error-free cooking.

If you didn’t know, everything I eat is vegan and gluten-free, a lifestyle I chose 17 years ago (I started vegetarian, then transitioned to vegan) while I was pregnant with my second child, Butterfly.

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Sun Basket makes it really easy to start eating healthy even if you have conservative eating habits, which is really convenient. If you are vegan, you can omit dairy or egg products from Sun Basket’s vegetarian meals and feel free to add your own vegan mayo, cheese, or plant-based egg products.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be intimidating or a long, put-off goal. You can start eating healthy today.

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