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The Healthiest SUPERFruits To Add To Your Grocery List

SuperFruit-grapeSuperFoods are excellent, nourishing foods that have great health importance to the body, like Kale and Quinoa.

But SuperFruits are just as important and are essential to the bodies health.

Also, they are delicious which is a nice added benefit. Whenever I am having a sweet tooth craving, I always try to turn to my favorite fruits first. They pack a huge tasty punch without all the extra unhealthy additives.

The best thing about SuperFruits is that they are common fruits that we already love, but too often forget we how important it is to incorporate into our meals for a healthy balanced diet. So don’t forget to chop up a banana and add it to your morning oatmeal or slice a kiwi over your salad, your body will thank you later.

Here are the main SuperFruits and their health benefits to start adding to your favorite recipes now. 

1. Banana

A ripe banana of 118 grams will provide the body with enough calories to run body operations and functions for Apple SUPERFruitalmost six hours. Bananas also contain vitamins B6 and C, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals potassium and manganese.

Potassium is essential in the body as it helps maintain the blood pressure at a healthy level that is suitable for the heart to function correctly. It is also used to protect the body from faster thinning of the bones through loss calcium. It balances and corrects the loss of calcium through urinary action when we take high salt diets.

Banana as a fruit has an anti-acid effect that protects the stomach walls from damage by the acid that is produced for digestion of food. The compounds in the bananas are used to form mucus like compound that protects the stomach walls. This helps protect the body from stomach ulcers.

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2. Cranberries

Cranberry juice is crucial for people with recurring kidney conditions. Cranberries have quinic acid that prevent reaction between calcium and phosphate. Cranberry is also rich in manganese and vitamin C and K that prevent the urinary tract from infection and anti-bacterial.

Natural and unprocessed cranberry juice helps improve the condition of blood vessels and protect against heart attack and stroke. It also has got proanthocyanidins which is toxic to cancer cells especially those causing breast cancer.

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3. Oranges

orange SUPERFruitsThis is an acidic fruit that is very rich in potassium, folates, vitamins A and C, thiamine and calcium. They are essential for patients with heart conditions and help lower the blood pressure and prevent the body from the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke.

Due to the acidic element, it is used to lower risks of mouth cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. It is a major food very common in diets that are used to create healthy skin.

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4. Apple

You know the old phrase, an apple a day, keeps the Doctor away? It turns out its true. Apples provide the body with calories and carbohydrates.

Apples are also believed to have D-glucaric acid that promote the death of cancerous growths and prevent mutations. Heath societies, therefore, recommend taking off at least a piece of an apple a day to keep off cancer.

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grapes SUPERFruits5. Grapes

Grapes contain a large quantity of vitamins B1, B6, and C, potassium and manganese. Both grapes and avocado have elements that lead to increased blood flow to the brain. This is essential in preventing an attack and slows the death of brain cells a condition that leads to Alzheimer.

Juice obtained from purple grapes has an antibacterial effect so feel free to add them to smoothies, sauces and you can even use them to sweeten teas. 

6. Kiwi

kiwi SUPERFruitsThis fruit is extremely important for people whose families have a history of heart conditions. Kiwifruit is rich in potent antioxidants that prevent accumulation of fats around the heart that may lead to cardiac arrest. It is also rich in fibers that bind to cancer-causing cells and chemicals in the colon. This protects the colon from attack and destruction by the cells that lead to colon cancer.

Kiwi is also included as a snack in meals of diabetic patients. It is important as it helps keep the blood sugar levels in check. Kiwifruit is also recommended for children as it helps fight respiratory conditions like asthma, night coughing, wheezing and shortness in breathing. 


5 Fruits to Make Your Lifestyle Healthier

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