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Must-Have Sustainable Handbags for the Fall

Fall is the season to be incredibly fashionable. Thigh-high boots, autumn-colored purses, soft sweaters and scarves– what’s not to like about fall fashion? We found these stylish sustainable handbag options for the Eco-conscious buyer.

Brands like Pixie Mood and Matt & Nat have a commitment to exclusively creating cruelty-free products. Bags that support environmental causes take an extra step to reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth. We’ve come up with a list of a few of our favorite bags for the Fall 2016 season!


Matt and Nat creates products with the motto “live beautifully.”

They do this by appreciating humanity, creativity, and connectivity of the world. From the start they’ve turned away from animal-based materials and experiment with recycled nylons, cork, and rubber in their designs. The Portia Coffee Vintage Satchel (pictured below) is made from 100% recycled nylon.


Matt and Nat Portia Coffee Vintage Satchel $145.

Pixie Mood is a KimberlyElise.com favorite because all the accessories are 100% vegan.

The flaps on the Gem Crossbody bag are what give it a subtle uniqueness. It can be worn as a corssbody, with tuckable straps, or held traditionally. To learn how to find the perfect handbag, read this article. A classic black bag like the Gem Crossbody will last you throughout the fall and the winter seasons.

Pixie Mood Gem Crossbody Bag $85

Urban Outfitters’ vegan leather bag has a nice brown color that matches the fall landscape outside.

Whenever I see this sepia brown I immediately think of fall leaves. A sepia-colored bag will complement most fall colors including burgundy, taupe, and olive.

Urban Outfitters Reversible Vegan Leather Tote $59

Freedom of Animals has cruelty-free and sustainable handbags.

This faux leather belt bag is perfect from day to night with a detachable waist strap that turns the bag into a clutch. It is made of post consumer, cruelty-free, eco-faux leather materials. It has an organic cotton lining and is fully vegetable dyed.


Nikki Reed x Freedom of Animals Sohalia Belt Bag $80

If you like sustainable handbags for taking adventures outdoors in the fall weather, the Pelcor USA striped clutch is perfect.

This handbag is natural, waterproof, lightweight, resistant, and vegan. It’s made from a recycled cork material that is durable and fashionable.



Pelcor USA Striped Clutch $95

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