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Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas

Complete your Thanksgiving outfit this year by incorporating some Thanksgiving nail art to match the holiday.

Painting nails is an art form and people are constantly showing off their creativity with their designs. Some of these artists share their talent on Instagram. If you need inspiration for your own Thanksgiving nail designs, here are a few ideas from Instagram users.

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Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas

By: Zeila Edrial

Thanksgiving nail

Instagram: gypsy.nail.girl

One inspiration for Thanksgiving nail designs comes from Instagram user gypsy.nail.girl. She used glittery orange and gold nail polishes for the base colors. Then she painted in turkeys and pumpkins, two common images used for Thanksgiving.

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Great_nails_bastrop from Texas offered another example for Thanksgiving nail art. She added a turkey face on the nail instead of the entire turkey body. She also paired the turkey face with fall-colored leaves to match the season.

Lulusmagicalnails, located in southern California, provides another source of inspiration. The brown and orange shades perfectly capture a fall season theme. This is a great alternative for people who don’t want to go all out with turkeys on their nails.

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Thanksgiving nail

Instagram: nlowry3333

Thanksgiving nail designs can also include different characters instead of turkeys. Nlowry3333 used Peanuts characters dressed in Thanksgiving garb. Another possible alternative is using the Minions. You can substitute with any of your favorite characters.

Thanksgiving nail

Instagram: wingitwithwen

Lastly, there are other options for anyone that has difficulty hand drawing their own designs. Wingitwithwen used stamping plates for her Thanksgiving nail art. The template gave her clean lines for her leaves and acorns.

Use your own creativity for your Thanksgiving nail designs. Adding a little bit of flair to your nails will give your relatives something to talk about during your Thanksgiving gathering.

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Have you created your own Thanksgiving nail designs? What do you like to include in your design? Let us know in the comments below!

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