dreamer olympics
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The 2016 Olympics Inspires us to Dream

dreamer olympics

As the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro kicked off this week, the entire nation is being exposed to the beautiful expressions of imagination and skill created by every competitor in the games. Each competitor is a dreamer who is stamping his or her mark in history by an art form.

Whether it’s synchronized swimming, gymnastics or any other awesome sport in the competition, every competitor in the Olympics is expressing the art of their dream with the goal of making their dream come true.

What are your dreams and what is your art?

The 2016 Olympics Inspires us to Dream

By: Lynette Lavay

American gymnast Simone Biles is an artist. As the only female gymnast ever to win three consecutive world all-around titles, Biles is one of the most intense, dedicated, and fierce competitors in the 2016 Olympics.

It is absolutely amazing to watch Simone perform as she succumbs to that innate striving that is within every human being. Biles is a perfect example of how that instinctive striving for self-actualization cannot be restrained or suppressed.

“A dreamer can’t be tamed,” says Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author and was also born in Rio de Janeiro. With Biles this couldn’t be more true. She exhibits the true essence of an untamed dreamer.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that Biles experienced in her very early childhood years when she didn’t know if she’d ever have a place she could call home, she had the vision and instinct to become an Olympic gymnastics gold medalist and the determination to make it come true.

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Source: NBC Olympics
What were some of your childhood dreams? Are you still actively pursuing them or have you given up long ago? Dreaming is not just for little boys and girls, it is for anyone who wants to go beyond whatever circumstance they are in. Dreaming is for everyone.
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A dreamer like Biles cannot be controlled, calmed, or subdued.

Anyone who has ever had a dream deep down inside has experienced that fire that burns uncontrollably that cannot be quenched by mediocrity or contentment of the status quo. That fire is satisfied only by the imminent, beautiful realization of the dreamer’s great imagination and the skills she has labored to develop and hone.
As the 2016 Olympics eventually come to a close, the world will have witnessed the culmination of every competitor’s hopes and dreams as they collided. In the end, the fullest expression of the art of the dreamer will have come to fruition!
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*Featured Image Source: The New Yorker
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Lynette Lavay is a full-time senior Psychology student from Delaware who is a clean eating and natural hair enthusiast who also has a passion for writing and inspiring people. Catch up with me at: lynettelavay@hotmail.com.

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