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The Chakra Series: Sacral Chakra

Having a hard time relating to people and dealing with life’s changes? If you feel detached and stuck in rut or suffer low self-esteem, it may be because your sacral chakra is blocked.

By: Elizabeth Toy

orange-sacral-chakraLast time, we explored the root chakra, which is the first and foundational chakra, connected to feeling grounded.  The sacral chakra is the second one in line.  It is located in your lower abs and is represented by the color orange.

If your sacral chakra is open, you’ll feel more creative, connect well with others, and have a healthy appetite and sexuality.

The Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, literally translates to sweetness. It’s no wonder that the it is associated with pleasure, sexuality, and relationships .


However, if your sacral chakra is blocked, you may experience physical problems Some of these include abnormal menstruation, back pain, constipation, and infertility.

And on the emotional side, you might feel depressed, insecure, or detached. Overall, like you’re missing a zest for life.

But, there are a number of ways to open your sacral chakra.  You can use essential oils and aromatherapy and also practice yoga.

Opening your sacral chakra will make you feel more sensual and passionate in your life. The best yoga poses to do this utilize the hips and lower abs.

To help align and balance your sacral chakra, try these three yoga poses.

1. Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana)

Pigeon pose stretches your groins and glutes and stimulate your internal organs. Opening up your hips this way can improve your posture and alignment, not to mention relieve the tension stored inside.



2.  Sphinx Pose

Sphinx Pose helps to strengthen your spine, expands your chest and shoulders, as well as stimulates your abs and internal organs, making for a very therapeutic pose to help relieve tension in the groin.


3. Bow Pose

If you want to take it one step further, Bow Pose stretches the entire  front of your body, including your chest, hip flexors, abs, thighs, ankles, and neck. If you spend much of your day hunched over a desk, phone, or driving, Bow Pose will definitely help to relieve tension built up in your shoulders.

Have you practiced any exercises to open up your sacral chakra? Share with us in the comments.

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