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Chakra Series: Third Eye Chakra

Coming from the Sanskrit word “anja,” the third eye chakra is our command and perception center. Located on our forehead, between our eyebrows, the third eye guides our intuition and foresight and is driven by our vulnerability and imagination.

By: Landon Funk

third eye chakra

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When we access our third eye chakra, we transcend our individual egos and exist independently with the purity of the world. Once we reach this transcendence, we can see all of the elements in their purest form, also known as the supreme element. It is here where time no longer constricts us and our consciousness roams free.

On a less spiritual level, concentration on our third eye helps to increase focus, clarity, and productivity.

Situated near the brain’s frontal cortex, the third eye acts like a caffeinated beverage.

No, it does not make you jittery or leave you craving for more. But, it does help you focus and get your work done. To be honest, we could all use a little third eye balance – couldn’t we?

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third eye chakra

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Nevertheless, there is such a thing as a too-stimulated third eye. You will know when this happens as soon as it does.

An overactive third eye clouds your judgement, makes you indecisive, and will give you headaches and vision problems.

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Survivors of trauma who experience PTSD will have more episodes, and those prone to escapism will find it hard to return to reality.

If your third eye does fall out of balance, it may be a good time to rebalance all of your chakras from the root up. The most likely reason why your third chakra is out of balance is because your other chakras are not in line. Take a few moments to reset.

Once you start to rebalance your third eye chakra, take a deep breath and get into a comfortable position. The key to reawakening your third eye is relaxation. Once you feel calm and have unwound, start to visualize what your version of peace looks like – whatever that may be. Once you have that in mind, focus on it. Stretch it out. Mull it over. Find stillness.

There is no rush when it comes to your third eye. Remember, unlocking this chakra is all about patience, focus, and freedom from time.

third eye chakra

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You will feel a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and contentment when your third eye is in balance. When we start to focus on what we

need rather than what we do not have, then meditative processes can begin. While the third eye might be the center of transcendence, it is also the center of emotions and stress.

The third eye chakra holds the key to your mood, and don’t you want to be happy?

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