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6 Things To Remember When Straightening Your Hair

There was a rumor going on in the natural hair community that tightly curled hair textures lack versatility.

I thought it was impossible to flat-iron my type 4 hair, but after watching countless YouTube videos and researching hair salons that catered to naturally hair I finally decided to give a press-and-curl a try for the first time on my natural hair.

The experience overall was amazing and I was shocked by how much shrinkage I was experiencing with my medium to short length afro. After my first experience with going to a salon to get a blow out and flat iron, here are some tips to keep in mind if you’d like to give it a try!


Tips To Remember When Straightening Natural Hair

What To Remember When Straightening Your Hair

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1. Find A Professional

I can’t express how important this part is when you want to have heat applied to your natural hair. I don’t recommend blow-drying and especially flat-ironing your hair if you are not extremely knowledgable about heat protectants and how to safely go about heat styling.

Find a hair professional that values natural hair health on a site such as . At the salon, notes about what you like and don’t like. Look at the tools they use and pick up those tools for when you’re ready to try it on your own.

Finding a professional is usually worth the cost if you want to wear your hair straight for a few weeks. They’ll have eyes all around your head and be able to detangle the tough to reach places.


2. Go To A Stylist Familiar With Natural Hair

If you just transitioned and your stylist is only accustomed to doing relaxed hair, it may be time to find a new salon. It’s easier to entrust a stylist who styles natural hair on a regular basis so they will be more familiar with the sensitivity of your particular hair type.


3. Make Sure You Trim Your Ends When Needed

I had gone about 4 years without having my ends touched up. My hair was constantly braided up for sew-ins or other protective styling, however I didn’t promote hair growth because I wasn’t moisturizing or trimming my hair when needed.

I know for some the thought of trimming hair, after a big chop or long while of transitioning, can be daunting. But, it’ll really help your hair in the long run. Once my ends were trimmed my hair was more bouncy than before.

My hair looked much better as there were no uneven ends. When you trim your ends your twist outs and other styles will come out looking much cleaner than before.


4. Prepare Yourself For Humidity

Be realistic with yourself especially if you live in a humid area. I had my hair done in California at 8 a.m. and flew to New Orleans at 1 p.m. My hair started to frizz by 10 o’clock and I landed in New Orleans at 9:30pm!

My hair does much better in California, but I was realistic with myself and knew that natural hair stood no change in that kind of humidity.

If you live in a less humid area, purchase a frizz control serum and don’t apply too many water based products for the time your hair is straight.

Tips To Remember When Straightening Natural Hair

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5. Wrap Your Hair At Night

Spray a little oil (not too much or your hair revert) and wrap your hair every night. Some prefer satin scarfs while others like a bonnet. Do whatever works for you and will keep your hair in tact at night.


6. Use Curlers To Re-Straighten When Needed

To maintain your straight hair you can try using flexi-rods and other curls so you can avoid putting more heat on it everyday.

Type 4 hair will get frizzy, but if you went to the right hairstylist your hair should be easier to style and re-straighten after your appointment for a week or two.

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    Prima Jackson
    May 15, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    If you can please refer me to a good Hair Salon where i can get something like or better than the keratin treatment where my hair can stay straight for 3 months preferably 6 myths to a year. I have been natural for a year and i don’t want no perms and i don’t want to stress on my hair day to day. I would like a Salon that caters to Natural Black Hair that’s thick in New York City. Preferably Bronx or Manhattan. But if the only ones are in BK or Queens I’ll go the distance. Thanks. Hope y’all could help me and reply. It’s been hell thanks again. PLEASE HELP ME.

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