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10 Ways To “Treat Yo’self” To Good Health

Getting healthy. Ugh. That means treadmills, gym memberships and meal plans so complex they could have been designed by Oprah’s personal chef, right? Who on earth has the time or money for all that — except maybe Oprah?

Take heart! Getting healthier doesn’t have to be a drag on your time or your finances. Just spending an hour or two per week on self-care can make a tremendous difference in your life, and there are a ton of sweet surprises you can add to the mix to make your everyday life healthier as well. Here are some fun ways to treat yourself!

By: Jennifer Landis

Put on Your Boogie Shoes

treat yourself

Getting your daily exercise can be as simple as plugging your iPhone into your Bluetooth speaker and cranking up your favorite jams! Let loose. Go home after work and dance like no one is watching. After all, it’s your living room- so unless you have the windows open or the neighbors over, they aren’t!

Not feeling the groove yet? Check out some free dance workout videos on YouTube.

Just Breathe

Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “union,” and the concept is to create harmony between your breath, mind and body. Take a 30- to 60-second break at your desk and just focus on your breath. Try breathing in through your nose for three counts, and exhaling for four counts. And if you need a little help, check out these “10 Yoga Poses That Will Relieve Your Stress.”

Also, you can try starting off your day with some easy stretching before you even get out of bed as you focus inward on your breath and the promise of the new day.

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Catch Some Zzzzzs

A good night’s sleep is so important, but most of us find ourselves running on empty when it comes to rest. In today’s age, we’re all interconnected through our phones and tablets, but taking electronics to bed can interrupt our sleep-wake cycle.

Ban electronics from your bedroom, and avoid having a TV in your bedroom as well. Instead, create a bedtime ritual of reading a physical book or magazine for a few minutes by the light of a soft white bulb, or unwind by listening to soothing soul music. And you can also use lavender to help you fall asleep at night.

Trouble sleeping? Here are 4 Hacks To Help You Fall Asleep in 15 Minutes Or Less

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Make Mealtime Fun for the Whole Family

Do you have kids that drive you nuts while you’re trying to cook? Why not teach them a valuable life skill by having them help in meal prep? You’ll save a ton of time, and bond as a family as a bonus.

Younger kids can learn to wash veggies properly and can easily shred up lettuce for a salad. Older kids can learn how to chop veggies, boil rice and even whip up simple dishes on their own. Not only do you get help with meal prep, but you’re also teaching your kids healthy eating tips they’ll use for a lifetime.

Watching your carbs?  Try some Stuffed Peppers with Cauliflower Rice!

Play Video Games 

No, we’re not talking about sitting around for a round of a stressful and violent game like Grand Theft Auto. There are a ton of video games designed to help you get fit for all different gaming platforms. Challenge the family to an active round of Tiger Woods Golf, dance it up with some Dance, Dance Revolution or have a bowling night right in the comfort of your living room! You’ll be burning calories without even realizing it, and growing closer as a family as well!

Or, if you’re living solo, some video games can also be a fun, relaxing “me” time!

Enjoy a Good Belly Laughtreat yourself

Laughter may or may not be the best medicine, but a good, full belly laugh does help tone your abdominal muscles. Even better, laughter releases endorphins, creating a natural high that busts the depression bubble. Spice up the mid-week blahs and treat yourself with laughter by renting one of your favorite comedies from Redbox, or dialing up a classic on Netflix.

When you add a regular dose of comedy to your TV viewing, you may just find yourself finding more humor in day-to-day life as well — and there’s nothing at all wrong with that!

Bring on the Bubbly

As in bubble bath, that is! Who doesn’t love the sensuous feeling of sinking into a nice, deep bubble bath at the end of a trying day? Some bath products are specially formulated to help you soak away stress. And don’t let a tight budget keep you from soaking away your cares. Grocery stores, drug stores and dollar stores all carry fragrant, indulgent bath treats for pennies. If you can have your child or loved one toss a towel in the dryer for you for a nice, warm wrap when you emerge, all the better!

Fragrant Delights

Throughout the ages, aromatherapy has helped cure disease, cultivate mental health and revive the spirit. Incorporating fragrance into your everyday life can either revitalize you and stimulate you for a good workout, or calm and relieve frazzled nerves. Scents such as tangerine and other citrus fragrances pick you up, while lavender and sandalwood help you unwind. Invest in a scented oil diffuser, or just dab a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your wrists for a quick and easy refresher.

Master the Art of the Five-Minute Massage

Massage is a tried-and-true way for couples to spice up their love life, but it can be fun for the whole family as well. Not only that, you’ll also be encouraging proper posture and eliminating head and neck pain.

If you want to try something new, you can also treat yourself to a deep relaxing massage with fire cupping.

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Have a Ball

If you own a home, investing in a portable basketball hoop can be a great way to stay fit. If you live in an apartment or urban area, you can also go to the local park to meet people. You don’t have to go hardcore. Games such as 21 or Horse can be fun and foster lively competition while getting fit.

Getting healthy involves the mind, the body and the spirit. So let your inner kid shine, and let loose! Your body and mind will thank you.

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What are other ways you treat yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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About the Writer:

Jennifer Landis is a tea-drinking, yoga-loving, distance running, nutrition nut, writer, and journalist. She’s the creator behind the Mindfulness Mama blog and a proud mama and wife.

She loves making new friends, so feel free to stalk her on her social media pages: Facebook, and on Twitter and Pinterest @jenniferelandis.


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