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Is It True Love Or Just An Attachment?

Sometimes people think that love and attachment are interchangeable. But in fact, they are different.

Attachment appears because you want to fill your inner emptiness. Love, in its turn, gives sense to your life, helps you to stay yourself, and develop.

By: Nancy Cooper

If you don’t want to confuse these two notions, but you do want to know for sure what you feel, then you should realize the distinctive differences between them. Here’s a closer look at some of the differences between particular types of love and attachment.

Selfless Love vs. Selfish Attachment

When you are attached to a person, you say: “I love you, therefore I want you to make me happy,” whereas when you are in love, you say: “I love you and I want you to be happy.” The key point is that true love implies that you put your partner’s happiness and prosperity first.

As for attachment, it does not have a noble goal, you just need someone to be around. All you do for your partner is about your desires first, not his.

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Timeless Love vs. Transient Attachment

True love can’t be removed from your heart. When I found my soulmate, nobody and nothing could make me forget about him. We pulled through tough moments, survived challenges, adjusted, and forgave. That is why my love with my spouse has lasted for many years.

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As for attachment, it has a shelf life. It quickly arises and quickly passes. Attachment leads to a toxic relationship because whenever you are unhappy, you blame your partner.

Independent Love vs. Clingy Attachment

True love starts with yourself, you don’t dissolve in another person. You are an independent unit and you have your own life plan and goals, regardless your partner. Then your relationship will empower and amplify your life.

When you are attached, you wait for this person to fulfill your happiness, you bind yourself to him. This is a debilitating condition, when you place your well-being into someone else’s hands. Without the partner, you are lonely, discontented, broken, and incomplete.

If you find yourself in a clingy attachment, it may be necessary to take a break for growth, revelation, and enlightenment. When your love is meant to be, a break won’t break you.

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What Can You Do About Attachment?

It takes two to tango, and my life experience has taught me that a successful relationship needs constant work. Sick attachment doesn’t bring felicity or peace of mind.

If you can’t let it go, then you’ll deprive yourself of happiness and healing and doom yourself to suffering. So you should try to get rid of attachment and cultivate true love.

There are some valuable tips:

  1. Don’t push your opinion and don’t pursue personal interests. Make happiness of your partner your priority. Remember that a person wasn’t born to please you or to be together with you. Each individual is free.
  2. Never predict consequences and don’t try to alter them. Do good things and don’t expect anything in return. Personally, it has helped me to enjoy every minute of my life.
  3. Let it go even if it causes you pain and emptiness. Then you will free the way to true love. Distract and pursue involvement in productive activities, find inspiration in books, never give up quotes, music.

If you get rid of attachment, you’ll consciously create a harmonious and empowering couple.

Thus, true love is a remarkable thing, it helps you to find deeper levels of connection, understanding, and empathy with another person. To differentiate between love and attachment may be tricky, but if you do it and go down this path, then you’ll experience all joys of real love and will never suffer from sick attachment!

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Nancy-Cooper-love-attachmentAuthor Bio

Nancy Cooper is an editor of Maintaining interpersonal relationships emphasized the importance of her writing. Nancy believes that moral reasoning is the most significant factor in decision-making. She focuses on the value of motivation and inspiration while acknowledging that different people have different views.


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