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UGLY By Nature Vegan Toothpaste GIVEAWAY


Looking for a healthy toothpaste to keep your mouth fresh without all of the chemicals? This month we are giving away 4 tubes of the world’s first doctor-formulated, fluoride-free, non-GMO, and vegan toothpaste by UGLY By Nature.

Made with only natural and organic ingredients, UGLY By Nature toothpaste is a refreshing eco-conscious brand that uses activated charcoal and coconut oil as its main ingredients.

vegan toothpaste coconut

The Truth About Vegan Toothpaste

By: Toni elleax Zargari

When I first tried UGLY By Nature, it was my first time using a flouride-free, vegan toothpaste.

Was it going to work? Will it taste funny? So many questions going through my mind. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad my got my feet wet with UGLY’s toothpaste because I was pleasantly surprised to see a black, not white, paste oozing from the tube. The flavor I chose was Chaotic Coconut and it was delicious, almost so good I wanted to swallow it!

ugly by nature vegan toothpaste 3

With seven amazing flavors to chose from — Chaotic Coconut, Xtreme Mint, Primal Peppermint, Spankin Spearmint, Mixed Berry Madness, Epic Cinnamint and Savory Cinnamon — you’ll enjoy the variety of tastes that UGLY By Nature has to offer.

Enter our giveaway contest for a chance to score your very own tube of UGLY By Nature vegan toothpaste.

UGLY By Nature Toothpaste Giveaway

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To learn more about UGLY, follow them on Instagram and check out their website.

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  1. Shaquita Bunch says:

    It seems like it is some great toothpaste!I would have the same questions if I saw black instead of white or blue tooth paste. lol

  2. reshard jeremiah dorsey says:

    Hey Kim! Longtime fan here of yours. Wow, the website is a “smash-hit”, truly remarkable. May you continue to excel in all your ventures. Peace and blessings bestowed upon you and yours from I and all mine.

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