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Why You Should Wear A Protective Style In The Summer

A “protective style” in black hair care is a hair style where the ends of your hair are tucked away, protected from the elements. This can be achieved through braids, twists, weaves, or croquet styles.

By: Royeal Frasier-Lewis

Some people choose to wear protective styles out of convenience. I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer and maybe I don’t want to have to “worry” about my hair. Fair enough!

If that’s you, we have 5 African Hair Braiding Protective Styles that you can try out here.

I wear protective styles in the summer because leaving my hair exposed to the heat dries out my hair.

But do you have to use protective style? What are the benefits of protective styling?

Protective Styles Help You Retain Length.

protective style

Everyone always talks about how to grow your hair.

“Use castor oil, use coconut oil, drink plenty of water,” all of these are important tips on growing your hair.

But what about retaining the length?

Have you ever noticed that your hair is growing, but doesn’t seem like it’s getting any longer?

Over-manipulating your hair can lead to shedding. Your hair is growing and growing, but the length you are gaining is not being retained.

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When you wear a protective style on your hair, it is left alone for a period of time. This allows your hair to take a break from the constant styling. It can help protect your hair from the summer weather! The break allows your hair to retain all of the length that it gains while it’s tucked away.

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Protective styling is convenient but still requires your attention.

I have to admit, protective styling is one of my favorite parts of summer. It means I can dedicate one day to doing my hair and not have to do it again for a couple of weeks. I’m here for it!

Now the kicker is, although it is very convenient, protective styling does not mean that you completely forget about your hair. Underneath whatever you use protective style on, is still your hair. You have to still make sure that you take care of your scalp.

You have to make sure your hair is still moisturized. This can take 5-10 minutes.

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Oil your scalp with your favorite essential oil. If your hair is accessible, massage your favorite leave-in conditioner and oil into your strands. The point of protective styling is to give your hair a break. But you have to still take care of it during that time if you want it to flourish.

Kimberly Elise Naturals Alchemy 27 is also a great product for your hair!

Ultimately, the choice to protective style is entirely up to you! Keeping your hair tucked away in the summer gives you the opportunity to enjoy your summer break while giving your hair a break!

What protective style will you use this summer? Share with us in the comments!

Author Bio:

Royeal is a 24-year-old naturalista with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Royeal returned her hair to its natural state in 2013. She enjoys reading, writing, and educating others about the joys of natural hair care.

You can follow Royeal on Instagram @Royal__te.

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