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Tasting The Vegan Lifestyle At VegFest LA

VegFest-LA-5Having a mother who is a vegan means being exposed to a variety of new, enticing cuisines and experiences. 

by Ajableu Oldham, Managing Editor of

I enjoyed stepping into the cruelty-free world yesterday at VegFest LA, a vegan festival that happens each year in Van Nuys. The EDM was pumping. Celebrity vegan chefs and thought leaders gave inspiring presentations in three tents. Food trucks from far and wide gathered to offer a variety of cuisines (including Jamaican, pictured below) and drew crazy long lines (actually, those lines were ridiculous).

Though I am not a vegan, I’ve come to deeply appreciate the cruelty-free mindset. I am so inspired by vegan-friendly chefs who take on the insurmountable challenge of crafting amazing dishes using novel ingredients: a rich array of spices, fresh vegetables, and sauces that won’t bloat the tummy.

Learn more about the difference between vegans and vegetarians here.

veg-fest-2My favorite scene was a group of kids munching on grilled cheese and tomato soup, YUM! (Pictured below)


If you’re not a vegan (like me), then you can’t help but be inspired by the resourceful, cruelty-free recipes that vegan cuisine has to offer. When I’m feeling like I need to “cleanse” myself (you know, because I’ve been going hard all weekend), there’s nothing like a fresh, nourishing meal.

Check out the pictures from VegFest LA and get inspired! Feel free to reach out to the editors with your own cruelty-free food story for

Photos courtesy of VegFestLA Instagram.

VegFest-LA-2 VegFest-LA-3 VegFest-LA-4

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