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Starting A New Chapter With A Vision Board

I was experiencing a high… a “Post-Cleaning-The-House” kind of relief.

You know that post-cleaning clarity and ease? I had subleased my apartment on AirBNB for the New Year, so I spent about 4 hours pre-cleaning and organizing old junk, then another 5 hours with a friendly Task Rabbit Helper deep-cleaning a year’s worth of clutter and dust.

9 hours.

I know — and the apartment hadn’t looked that bad. But when we were done, it was open, free.

…Having every single drawer, bookshelf, and corner fresh and immaculate conjured a whole new sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was from this canvas that I began my 2017 vision board.home-living-room-house

By: Ajableu Oldham

Why Create A Vision Board?

I am a natural cynic. Nothing excites me more than a checklist on weighted paper. It’s hard for me to break through and be free with my creative visualization — mediation is virtually impossible.

Vision boards are an easy way for me to not take myself so seriously. Using images that I like and want to manifest from magazines, books, and the internet, I can begin to craft a vision for the future.

Imagination is the ability to create an idea, a mental  picture, or a feeling sense of something. In creative visualization you use your imagination to create a clear image, idea, or feeling of something you wish to manifest.

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

Everyone has their own way of completing these kinds of right-brain exercises, like vision boards. In this post, I outline my vision board process, which I’ve been practicing for years.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to create a vision board, read Kimberly’s Introduction To Starting A Vision Board For The New Year, where she offers guidance for beginners.


You Will Need:

  1. Magazines, newspapers, articles you love
  2. Scissors
  3. A bulletin board, a manilla folder, a binder — any kind of “canvas” that feels right for your vision
  4. Wine? Ok, inspirational music.

How To Create A Vision Board, Step-By-Step



1. Create your vision board when you are not thinking about the past

Simply put, don’t let your past impact how you visualize your future. While there is plenty of time to reflect on what happened in the months or years before, now is the time to set aside that extra baggage and begin anew. Start your new chapter free.

When I started my recent vision board, I did so after having cleaned my apartment for 9 hours. The unexpected purification ritual (that is, cleaning my studio) helped me to forget a lot of what I had been thinking about.

Take a moment to breathe and set a positive intention.

It only has to be 5 seconds, but if you want to pray for 5 minutes on your intention, that is wonderful. Just make sure that you are entering the exercise with a positive, open mind.

3. Collect Photos, Graphics, Essays, Words, Poems, & anything you like.

The images can be from magazines, newspapers, books, the internet, music cover albums — anything you can think of that makes you feel good and brings you positive energy.


4. Curate Themes That Align With Your Ultimate Intentions

One of my intentions is to find love, so I naturally have a theme that relates to love on my vision board. Likewise, one of my intentions is success, so I have collected images that relate to my idea of success (very clean, spacious offices).

What does it mean to be successful? Whatever it is, be sure it’s your own definition of success.


5. Write your personal mantra

You can also cut out and paste quotes you want to live by. Ultimately, write down words and phrases that remind you of the kind of life you strive to live and the outlook you want to have.


6. Hang Your Vision Board Where You’ll See It Everyday

“Out of sight, out of mind” works the other way, too. Seeing something that reminds you of your goals and vision for the coming year will reaffirm your reasons to make changes.  Hang your vision board where you’ll see it so that you can feel re-inspired often.

Photo Sources: Pinterest

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