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Wake Up And Smell The Rosewater

Whether its the summer heat or the winter dryness your hair is battling, chances are you could also go for a new, all-natural moisturizing spritz.

Using beauty products made of all-natural and healthy ingredients benefit not only your outer appearance, but your body as well. Think of all of the chemicals you are avoiding if you choose to stick to authentic ingredients.

There are a lot of leave-in conditioners out there, but nothing is better than creating your own at home, because you know exactly what it contains.

When it comes to curly hair products, it may be difficult to find one with ingredients you understand and can pronounce.

Let me introduce you to rosewater.

By: ClassyCurlies

While many cultures are said to have been the originators of rosewater, like the Egyptians and other cultures from the Middle East, the Global Health Center believes it originated from a 10th Century Persian scientist named Avicenna, and it was used to cleanse hands.

Today, it is used by many cultures for its health and beauty benefits.

According to, rosewater offers tons of benefits for your hair and skin including:
  • Adding moisture to hair and skin by maintaining your skin’s pH balance, while adding vitamins C and E
  • Preventing acne by reducing inflammation and cleansing the skin
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory by maintaining a healthy pH
  • Provides a light, floral scent
  • Can use used as a facial toner by clearing any leftover oils after cleansing
  • Acts as a cleanser by applying to a cotton ball and wiping onto skin
  • Can help cure symptoms of eczema due to its antibacterial properties

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So how do you use rosewater?

For a hair spritz: Pour the rosewater into a spray bottle and mist hair or scalp as needed.

For facial cleanser or toner: Spray cotton ball with rosewater, wipe on face as needed.KimberlyElise-WatercolorIcons-27

Heres how to get started making your own rose water and a step-by-step tutorial:

  • 6 organic roses
  • Distilled water
  • Glass jar or spray bottle
  • Strainer

In my experience of making and using rosewater over the past few years, it will last much longer in the refrigerator after it is made, about 3-4 weeks.

Rosewater is one of my favorite DIY recipes to make because I can really tell the difference in my hair and skin. By spraying rosewater on my hair daily as a refresher, my curls are more defined and a lot softer.

My skin also seems to have a glow that I didn’t expect.

Ready to make your own? Check out the tutorial below: 

Have you tried rosewater on your skin or hair? What benefit do you notice? Share with us in the comments!

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Victoria T. Davis is the blogger behind, a website dedicated to natural hair care, healthy living and self confidence.

By day, you can find Davis in the Indianapolis community as she works as a journalist, but by night you can find her managing and connecting with women all across the world who desire to discover their inner beauty. Catch her on social media, @ClassyCurlies.



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    September 19, 2017 at 2:13 am

    Awesome feminine wash also!! It maintains your ph and great for women who are sensitive to feminine cleansers!

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