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What the 2016 Olympics Teaches Us About Overcoming Obstacles


Watching the Olympics at home (or if you’re lucky enough in Rio De Janeiro this year), means entertainment for many of us. However, the stories behind the champions who compete and defeat odds during the games can do so much more than just entertain. The women in the 2016 Olympics teach us how to overcome obstacles.

Before Syrian refugee Yusra Mardini flexed her swimming legs at the Olympics, she was a star.

Before she became one of ten athletes on the first-ever refugee team, she was valiant. Before she won the 100-meter butterfly on Day 1 of the games, she saved lives.

Mardini overcame obstacles.

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What the 2016 Olympics Teaches Us About Overcoming Obstacles

By: Simone Berry

Last August, Mardini and 20 others were stranded on a boat that failed on the way to Lesbos, Greece. Mardini and her sister, Sarah, were two of the only three people on board who knew how to swim. When the boat began to sink, both women jumped into the sea and swam for three and a half hours, pushing a passenger filled boat to shore.

Yes, the 2016 Olympics is entertaining and inspiring, but it is so much more than that.

While you watch the Olympics this year dive into the stories behind the Olympians and get inspired to use your own skills and abilities to do something for the greater good.

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Source: The Star

The 2016 Olympics teaches us that no matter how difficult your past, your future can be bright.

One woman’s strength can encourage the strength of another. The 2016 Olympics teaches us to overcome obstacles whether they be physical, mental, spiritual, or financial. If an 18-year old can save 20 lives while fleeing for her own, how much more can you do with given the safety, resources, and freedom you have in America?

Mardini’s story is one of strength, endurance, and of overcoming obstacles.

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