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Why Self-Love Is The Best Way To Show Gratitude

All month we have been celebrating the things we are grateful for in life. Today, I encourage you to continue our gratitude celebration by showing yourself some self-love.

It’s easy to look around our lives and notice everything around us that we’re thankful for — our friends, our family, even our jobs. There is one thing, more than anything else, that deserves a special moment of gratitude – yourself. Yes, you.

A great habit to get into is to look into the mirror, look deep into your own eyes and say, “thank you.” There is so much that you do for YOU that deserves to be remembered and acknowledged.

When you take the time every day to remember and feel gratitude for yourself, negative feelings that you may have about yourself will melt away. Feelings of unworthiness, self-negativity, and depression will lighten and ease.

self-love gratitude
There is no greater gift that you can give yourself than self-love. Self-love begins with self-gratitude. With self-gratitude comes more patience, forgiveness, and an empowering energy in your spirit that allows you to recognize yourself for all that you are and have to offer the world.

So, right now, look in a mirror and give yourself a huge, gigantic “thank you” for just being the beautiful and amazing person you are.

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  1. Tina WAde says:

    Hi my name is Tina. Wade.and i love kimberly elise.shes a great actress. And i loved her indiary of a mad black woman.she was beautiful.and up lifting.but i need prayer for myself.i lost a very special person my husband.on feb.22 a massive heart attack.and my life hasnt been the same. He was everything to me.and i feel like a part of me is missing.and im trying to be strong but its hard. Tomorrow will be his birthday. He would have been 63.i hate that hes gone and i cant share tomorrow with him.we did everything together.we were married 10 year’s. And now hes gone!how do i go on?

    1. McM says:

      SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS TINA, prayers for your comfort on tomorrow & Beyond…let His love & MEMORIES carry you through, God Bless…

  2. McM says:

    Beautiful suggestions Kimberly. Luv your work as an actress & personally you carry yourself with great esteem, looking forward to more acting from you in the future…

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