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Why We Love Kimberly In “Almost Christmas”

Kimberly takes us on an emotional and laughter inducing roller-coaster as she expertly plays a rivaling sibling, a disgruntled wife, and a doting daughter all at once.

By Ericka Jones

Kimberly’s performance in Almost Christmas is nothing shy of wonderful as she takes on the character of the brazen and beautiful Cheryl Meyer. Kimberly plays a thriving career woman, guaranteed to make you laugh as she balances between being poised and getting even.

We already knew she was great, but watching Kimberly’s performance scene after scene has only made us love her more!

Here are 5 Things We Love About Kimberly in Almost Christmas!

1. Her Incredible Physique

We know you noticed! Kimberly’s beautifully-sculpted body had us all wondering if we should trade the Christmas ham for some yummy vegan holiday dishes. She moved with the grace of an athlete as her character conquers in a family football game. Whether she was wearing that incredible red dress or sprinting across the field, Kimberly was the epitome of healthy living.


2. Her Ability To Play Her Role Well

We know the challenge of juggling personal setbacks and family issues and Kimberly embodies all of that and more as Cheryl Meyer. With a recognizable character arc, Kimberly offers us a front-row seat to Cheryl’s life. Throughout the film, Kimberly portrays a woman who leaves us full of admiration and hope.

3. Her Glowing Skin

Was anyone else in awe of how healthy and vibrant Kimberly’s skin looked? I know I was! My eyes were immediately drawn to Kimberly’s gorgeous complexion. Her skin appeared healthy, smooth, and blemish-free on the big screen. We love that she strives to nourish and protect her natural beauty!

Find out more about Kimberly’s nightly skin regimen here!


4. Her Ability To Make Us Laugh

Kimberly had us in a constant state of laughter as she played Cheryl, the quick-witted and sometimes petty older sister. Cheryl’s jabs at her sister, Rachel (Gabrielle Union) and her dwindling patience with her husband Lonnie (J.B. Smoove) had us roaring with laughter from start to finish.

5. Her Focus On Family

Kimberly’s portrayal of her character encourages us to understand the importance of family. No matter how much money we have or how we are perceived, without love, we have nothing. Kimberly’s quiet wisdom and loving heart shine through her character in Almost Christmas, reminding us that the holidays are about love.

Her endless grace and mastery of her character have us all starry-eyed. Almost Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without our beloved Kimberly Elise. We celebrate you and are so proud of you, Kimberly!


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