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Why Yoga Is More Than Exercise

Yoga is a practice used to connect the mind, body, and spirit.

When most people look at yoga, they only see the body moving into and holding different poses. This is why many attribute yoga to exercise or simply just stretching.

What many people fail to see is that the body is moving, yes, but it is the mind that is really at work.
Think of yoga as exercise for the mind.

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Why Yoga is More than Exercise

By: Liv Luv Naturally

When we exercise, we are using strength and endurance. While doing yoga, we utilize the connection between the body and the spirit. Joining these entities together creates a whole new world in which you enter through the practices of yoga. Yoga uses this connection to allow you to grow.

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Yoga has taught me the importance of breath when life pulls you back.

I use that connection of mind and body to inhale and drive forward, facing my problems right in the eye. Trusting myself to bend but never break, I see balance as key when it comes to strength. Exercise teaches you how to be strong enough to lift twice your size, while yoga teaches you how to stay grounded.

You can use organic Ayurveda products to support your yoga practice.

Through Yoga, I have learned to take the time to experience all emotions, always moving through them.

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Emotions give us the wisdom to understand ourselves and we shouldn’t be afraid to explore them all. Through this practice, you will learn there is no such thing as failure, but instead, growth.

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Trying yoga for the first time may be painful, similar to your first time going to the gym, but it will inspire growth. Personal growth is an amazingly beautiful thing.

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