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Why You Should Shop At Your Local Farmers Market


Strolling through the colorful aisles of a farmers market on a leisurely weekend morning is just about as close as we may get to the countryside, here in the city.

With vendors offering samples of their goods and people chatting at each stall, there’s a special energy at farmers markets. Here you’ll discover amazing fresh greens that are in season, unique and juicy fruits, artisan jellies and cheeses, and hand pickled preserves.  If you haven’t been the farmer’s market, go! Here are a few reasons why we love it.

1. Farmers Markets Are Cheaper

An article in “The Atlantic” shows us that the overall cost of goods sold at farmers markets are actually less expensive compared to the same items sold in your local chain supermarket. For instance, a packaged bunch of basil sold at Ralphs costs $1.99, where herbs are only 75 cents at the Hollywood Farmers Market. That’s especially amazing, since it’s locally farmed.

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2. Support Local Businesses and Save the Environment

Not only do you support your local vendors in a competition with corporate giants, but you’ll boost your local economy, create more local jobs and reduce environment impact by cutting down on fuel used to transport food from afar.

Farmers-Market3. Spend Quality Time

You may even come to find that shopping at a farmer’s market is an event in itself.  It’s a perfect setting to catch up with girlfriends, spend quality family time or quality alone time.

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4. Build A Sense Of Community

As a repeat shopper, you may inadvertently discover a deeper sense of community.  It’s not uncommon to form bonds and even friendships with vendors you frequently visit as well as other shoppers.  Furthermore, who knows more about produce and the different recipes you can use them in than the growers themselves?


5. Local Produce Simply Tastes Better

Because it hasn’t been picked prematurely.  Produce sold at farmer’s markets is brought directly from the farm to the market, without gassing or waxing to speed up or slow down the ripening process.  This way, you’re able to taste the true flavors of produce at their peak ripeness, which is something we may commonly miss shopping at the regular grocer.

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