World Vegan Day
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Celebrate World Vegan Day with Kimberly

Today is World Vegan Day! Let’s take a moment to reflect on how a plant-based lifestyle has brought gratitude, love, and awareness in your life.

World Vegan Day commemorates living a plant-based lifestyle without the use of animal products or its derivatives.

For some people, eating a few meatless meals a week is sufficient for their lifestyle.

For others, transitioning to a vegan diet can take years, a process of trial and error, and constant learning. Some even transition cold turkey.

No matter where you land in the vegan spectrum, it is important to realize that it’s more than the food you eat.  It’s about being mindful of the environment, the animals, and of course, our well-being.

So, whether meatless meals only apply to you on Monday or everyday, know that a little goes a long way.

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For this reason, Kimberly Elise and The Editors of Kimberly want to share with you their thoughts on plant-based living. 

“Living a plant-based life for over 18 years now, I have come to really appreciate how interconnected we all are – humans, animals, plants, the earth. All of us hold a valuable and authentic part in the existence and survival of ourselves, our planet and all the creatures on it. For me, living a plant based life honors myself and my human responsibility to this planet and all it’s inhabitants – living this way is the greatest way I know to respect the laws of give and take and to live life with compassion, gratitude and love.”

-Kimberly Elise, Founder and Editor in Chief

“A cruelty-free lifestyle seems ideal and beneficial to all, and it’s important to take the right approach to emphasize common ground in order to decrease the divide between vegans and non-vegans and ultimately, unite against animal oppression.”

– Elizabeth Toy, Editor

“To live a plant-based life is admirable because it takes a lot of discipline and dedication. However, it teaches individuals to be more conscious about the environment and live in harmony with the other creatures that we share this Earth with.”

– Zeila Edrial, Editor

“In the end, we all want to be loved. And what better way to show love to the living creatures around us then by not consuming them…   I’m not a vegan, but I’ve certainly become more conscious of the animals who gave their bodies for me to enjoy a meal. Living a plant-based diet is healthier too, in the end. And delicious!

-Ajableu Oldham, Editor

“Incorporating elements of plant-based living into my lifestyle has not only made me more conscious of the foods I eat and products I use, but has also made me more appreciative of where they come from. Recognizing all the natural resources available to us has allowed me to garner a greater respect for the planet and inspired me to do what I can to reduce my more negative impacts on it.”

Emily Dinenberg, Associate Editor


Share with us how a plant-based lifestyle has caused a positive impact in your life in the comments below!

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