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7 Revitalizing Ways Writing Can Help You to Relieve Stress

Despite the increasing number of people who are moving away from traditional methods of writing in favor of more digital platforms, handwriting is still popular with many around the world.

Writing is an outlet. It’s an incredible and thought-provoking way to express oneself, whether it’s for others to read or not. For many, the art of writing has so many beneficial properties. Personally, I found writing to be an incredible outlet when I had lost my job and was struggling with how I felt. 

By: Mary Walton

There are several ways writing can help you to relieve any pent-up stress you may be feeling. Read on to find out how the practice of handwriting can help you to live a calmer, more peaceful existence.

1. It Forces You to Take a Digital Break

“We spend the majority of our lives connected to digital devices, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet or television, through writing, you’re able to force yourself to disconnect from these devices, enabling you to have a breather into the real world,” – Joanna Daring, writer at Custom Essay service.

By taking a break from devices, you’re giving yourself the chance to listen to your thoughts. You’re hearing yourself in this otherwise busy world.


2. It Can Help You Visualize/Remind You of Your Blessings

The media constantly throws us information – telling us what we can have, and even what we want: the latest car, a holiday, new gizmos for your kitchen and home. Happiness stems from what we already have, not what we desire to have.

Expressing gratitude through writing can help you better appreciate the little things in your life.

3. It is Meditative

Once you get a flow going, the practice of writing becomes extremely similar to meditating. As you effortlessly glide your pen across the paper, your breathing will slow. You’ll enter what is commonly referred to writers as “the zone.” This is where words and sentences come naturally to you. You will find feelings of relaxation instantly once you enter it.

It is a great way to restore balance to your crown chakra.

4. It Can Help You Sort Out Problems With More Clarity

Every day, you’re bound to come face-to-face with problems. Whether these problems stem from emotions, from your work life, your relationships or finances, writing can help you organize your thoughts so you can better deal with these problems.

Jessie Hammond, an essay writer from Australian Help, explains;

“Imagine you’re confronted with an extremely complicated maths equation. You wouldn’t even attempt to work it out in your head. Instead, you’d write it down on paper. This is the same as you should do with all your problems.”

5. It “Throws Out” Negative Thoughts

One of the most tried and tested psychology methods of alleviating negative thoughts is by writing them down on a piece of paper. Once completed, tear up the paper and throw it in your trash bin. Obviously, you’re not throwing away your feelings.

However, the action of doing so has been proven countless times to be an effective stress release.

6. Writing, Rather Than Typing, Creates More Personal Texts

Handwriting with a pen and paper instead of typing helps you to become more connected and at ease to your writing. There’s a certain something about handwriting that helps you to think about what you’re saying. Additionally, it makes your note a lot more personal.

However, some of us may not have written with a pen and paper in many years. It can be difficult to find a rhythm. If that’s the case, you can start by typing to express your ideas and feelings to get used to writing for yourself. Then, slowly make your way over to using a pen and paper to warm up your writing muscles again.

If typing, you can use online tools to help you practice your writing technique and enjoy the practice more. Some of these tools include: State of Writing, EssayRoo, Word Count, BoomEssays, Via Writing, Write My Essays, and Citation Generator. You can build up your skills with these tools. As a result, you become a more fluid and capable writer and communicator.

writing7. Writing Elucidates Your Thoughts

Throughout the day, no matter what you’re doing, you’re bound to go through various emotions. In the mornings, you may feel tired. When you see your significant other, you feel happy. When you go to work, you feel stressed. After eating good food, you feel content.

For some, each day might be an emotional roller coaster. By writing down these thoughts and feelings, you can help to ensure these feelings don’t become overwhelming and stressful to deal with. You can also try a little bit of Bliss Writing.

For me, writing by hand has helped me slow down and really get to grips with how I feel. When your stress is getting on top of you, it’s hard to see a way out. Sitting down and taking the time to write about your feelings can be the best way forward. Take some time out of your day to sit and write, and you’ll be amazed at what comes out.

Author Bio

Mary Walton is a an editor at Australian Online Assignment Help service. She is a creative writer and loves everything connected to education. She even has a blog for students: Simple Grad (check out PaperCoach review). Mary helps students with their Masters working at Thesis Writing Service.

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